Mineral Valuations in Canadian

Ms. Barnes: I ran across this 2017 post where you offered assistance with a spreadsheet you developed to this person interested in selling their mineral rights. We’re in a similar position having received multiple unsolicited offers. We are perhaps interested in selling a portion of our holdings in Section 17 Tw1S Range4W in Stephens County. Is your spreadsheet something you still offer or can you advise us how we walk through all this? I’ve learned a lot but always trying to be as informed as I can before seriously considering selling–now or later. Greatly appreciate your helpful information you always provide on this forum.

I actually stopped sharing my spreadsheet a few years back since it was fairly rudimentary on one level and hard to explain on another level. I used it for quick look back of the envelope estimates. It couldn’t really handle the time value of money or projected pricing schemes. There are commercial products out there that do a better job. I use a professional petroleum engineering appraiser to look at my properties when evaluating an offer these days. They have the software and the expertise to give a more accurate answer.

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