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Hi y’all!

I wanted to share an educational series I just finished filming that’s up for free on my YouTube channel. I had a viewer volunteer his minerals for me to do a public walkthrough and valuation of the property and it ended up being a long one. For ease of consumption I broke it up into 5 chunks but let me know if there’s interest in an hour+ version of it altogether in one video.

The minerals are in Reeves County, TX, but the information is general enough I’m posting this on the General Mineral Rights discussion board.

Comments, likes, and subscribes help the videos reach more people on that platform and helps me make more videos like this, but happy to discuss anything here on this thread also!

EXPERTS ON THIS FORUM: This series is geared towards the general mineral owner, but I’d love your feedback as well. I’m always seeking to improve my methods and knowledge, and although it’s a bit unnerving to put myself out there like this, I’m always appreciative of constructive feedback. (but don’t think I won’t call out any obvious “mansplaining” :laughing:)

PART 1: Permian Basin geology, legal descriptions, locating the minerals

PART 2: Well activity, permit research, units, and pay decimals

PART 3: Reserves, discount, risk, permits, lateral length, operator activity

PART 4: Reservoirs drilled, faulting, well timing, parent-child effects

PART 5: Wrap up, fair market value, NRA vs NMA, Comps rant (Pecan Tree Updates!)


This is a fantastic idea !!! I would think everyone would be interested !!!

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Many thanks Tracy. My MR’s are in Marshall County, WV but your explanations help explain much about the process. Hope you can continue educating us all.


Great job. You kept it basic and understandable. Keep it up.


Thanks, y’all! High praise, indeed!

I’m still learning the video production side of things but really enjoying the idea and the platform. Many of these concepts just lend themselves to visual explanations so video has been a handy means of communication.

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