Mineral valuation in Terry County,TX

I own some mineral rights that I inherited from my father when he passed in 1949. He had been a landman for TGT in that area for many years. The byword in my family has always been “don’t ever sell your minerals”. But I’m staring hard at 70 and if you can’t take your money with you, you sure can’t take your minerals either. I plan on leaving nothing more for my shiftless offspring than they’re already getting.

Block DD, Section 44:NE/4, John H. Gibson Survey, Containing 160 acres, more or less.

I leased it for five years in 2012 to High Plains Energy out of Wichita Falls, TX but never heard if they ever found anything or even drilled. I’ve got a cousin in central Texas who might take it off my hands to keep it in the family. How could a guy learn what such minerals are worth these days. Thank you.

Your minerals are just north of a producing field. The Texas Railroad Commission website has a GIS map which you can look at to see what is happening in the area. Section 44, Block DD is south of Wellman and near US Highway 62. I’d follow your “family byword” unless you really need to sell. As to valuation I can’t be of much help. You might talk to a local banker in Brownfield.

Hi mark I also have some of those same mineral rights they did drill there two dry holes back in the 80,s but you never know.