Mineral Trust

I have originated a mineral trust with my last surviving parent and need to get it filed in various counties in Texas and New Mexico. Does anyone have any ideas what would be the least expensive and expeditious way to proceed. Or could you direct me towards a professional experienced with these matters. Any suggestions Welcomed!

Call up their county clerk and tell them what you want to do. They will direct you to their mailing address and ask you to include a check to pay for the recording. Request a recorded copy of same.

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You will need to send an original document to each county for recording. The county clerk will return the recorded and stamped original to you. You can send the same original to one county and then to another county.

BTW, unlike a Will, generally, a trust does not have to be filed or recorded. The full contents of your trust does not need to be revealed. Your attorney can prepare a Memorandum of Trust that lists the essential information about the trust. This serves to keep the actual terms of your trust private.

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P.S. I was recording POAs that had already been recorded but in different counties.

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In Oklahoma I advise clients to file a deed to the trustee of the trust and a Memorandum of Trust (sometimes called Certification or Affidavit of Trust) in each county. This document should list the current and successor trustees along with their addresses. I agree with Pat that most of the Trust should be kept private.