Mineral title

I have inherited 12.5 acres in Hughes County. Our deed is good. Can an oil company that has a producing well on this section just say we have no interest? I traced the deeds back, we have a good deed in the court house. I guess oil companies no longer us the deeds filed at the court house. Is this correct? For some reason we got omitted. Is the next step to get a local o&g lawyer? I’m in Wyoming so this is difficult. Thanks for any advice you have Courtland French Sec15 06N. 11E

Have you tried contacting the operator?

Yes they said we have no interest. Do oil company data bases trump legal deeds?

A land deed is different than a mineral interest. It's possible (sounds likely) that the mineral rights did not convey.

Another possibility is that it’s an oil well, and its unitized area doesn’t encompass the entire section. In that case, your interest would need to be in the (80 acres, perhaps) that the well encompasses.

Thank you. I guess I’m showing my ignorance. This deed sure looks legitimate to me. Would it be worth my time to engage an Oklahoma g&s lawyer, or should I give it up?

Thank you sir. Maybe that would explain it. All the deeds are g&a mineral deeds. Has be flummoxed.

Thank you, I will do that. I’ll also enclose scans of the deeds.