Mineral search

Hi does anyone know how I can do a free mineral search for divide county in North Dakota? Or does anyone have the ability to do it for me? Thank you

You can pay to get online access but I believe it only goes back to the 80’s or you would have to hire a landman or an attorney to run title which also cost.

If you know the section, township and range, you can call the county recorders office and they will do it for $40/hour or so. It would probably run a couple hundred dollars but it would be a lot cheaper than hiring an attorney and cheaper than a landman


so you have called the Divide recorders office and they said they will run title searches? Must be something new as that's not what they have been telling everyone else. What do they base the (or so) part of the $40/hours or so on, it's not a set fee? I'll have to call them as I need title run on a couple tracts. When I spoke to them a few months ago as soon as I mentioned the word minerals they said they don't do title searches just like all the others. That will be convenient now that they have started doing title searches for people, do they guarantee their work to be accurate like a title opinion from an attorney?


County Recorders do not do mineral searches. You would have to hire a landman or attorney to do the search for you. Most Landman are in the range of $400-$500/day plus expenses. Also for Divide County the records they have online on NDRIN only go back to 2006ish. On top of that Divide County docs are recorded by blind index which also makes the title take longer to research.