Mineral Royaties

Royalties in Robertson County, Texas. I have royalties on 99 acres where the end hole is placed on a horizonal well. Depth is about 6 thousand feet and it is just under a 2 mile horizonal. Since I do not own the land, I do not have the information on the timeline of things, I have been driving to the site( 30 minutes from my home) and watching the activity through binoculars. I saw a “crown” or “christmas tree” as they are called above ground at the entry point. (I see nothing at the bottom hole or end point of the horizonal well.

My question is - how long does it take to “frack” the 2 miles distance? It is GIDDINGS Austin Chaulk 3. I guess most oil companies are two months behind on first royalty check, but I am trying to get a timeline of first payment.

Thank you so much in advance for your response! :slight_smile:

Once the frack actually starts it may only take a few weeks for that part to be finished, but fracking is only part of the whole completion process. Often considerably more advance timing is involved in getting the fracking contractors lined up and setting everything up, and then getting the tank battery and connection to a gas gathering system built. There are also plenty of cases where an operator finishes drilling but for various reasons then lets it sit for a while before fracking and completing.

I’m assuming from the other information you mentioned about the well that you have been following the fillings related to that well that your operator has made with RRC. If not, post the location or well name and operator and someone will help you pull it up.

It may take a while but at some point you should be able to see a directional survey, a completion report filed with RRC and possibly a fracking report at FracFocus.org that would help pin down the timing. Before a first check arrives the operator may have posted a couple of months of production reports, in pending status, with RRC and on CONG, the State Comptroller’s site. In most cases you will also be receiving a division order the operators will want you to sign before checks start arriving.

Yes, you are correct. I have the information and have pulled it up on Texas RRC. I just need to look up the completion report (in a few weeks) to see if it is posted. Thank you for the information regarding the timeline and the “completion report”. Every bit of information is appreciated!

One question - Would the “christmas tree” be installed if they still need to frack? Is this what is installed between drilling and fracking?


A temporary wellhead would be installed when they finished drilling and typically will be replaced with a larger one after the well has been fracked and completed.

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