Mineral royalty Sunoco in Texas Unclaimed Propery

Hello- I recently searched in the Texas Unclaimed Property site and see several entries for my deceased father and grandmother. They are listed as Sunoco Mineral Royalties. How can I find out more about these? The existence of this site leads me to believe that it’s not an easy process. Looking forward to learning more. I’ve not heard back from my claims yet and am curious if TUP will demand something from Sunoco. Also would like to know if more royalties are coming could they come directly to me. TIA!

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If all your ancestors lived and died in Texas, then any unclaimed funds may be found at the Texas Unclaimed Property site and occasionally in Delaware or the state of incorporation of the operating oil company. Division Orders must be signed in the State of Texas in order to received royalties. You will need to provide the proper documentation such as probated wills, affidavit of heirship, etc. in order to claim the funds. The Texas site can walk you through it. Don’t go with any of the companies that do it. They will charge you.


MOEA Search. Oklahoma site one of them.