Mineral/Royalty Owner Seminar August 13, 2011 Gonzales, Texas

I have been contributing commentary to this informative forum dedicated to Fayette County for some time now and been asked to mention a free educational seminar on August 13 in Gonzales, Texas. I believe this seminar will be very helpful to educate mineral/royalty owners as to what is happening currently and where things are going in
the future for the EagleFord Play. Allen Gilmer, Geoscientist, of Drilling Info will be hosting the seminar and there will other guest speakers with minerals management and division order expertise. Allen has information on leasing, well performance, drilling trends (where are Operator's headed next) and much more. I can attest his seminars are top notch and well worth the time to attend. I plan to attend and if anyone wants any more info they can contact me at: mikeigau@gmail.com

When: Saturday, August 13th

Where: First Luthern Church1206 N Saint Joseph StGonzales, TX

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Speakers include:Allen Gilmer - CEO of Drillinginfo

Jim Erben - Investment Advisor, Erben Associates

Wana Dee Box - Director of Minerals and Royalties for the Texas Tech University System; NARO-TX; TIPRO

Terry Bryant Reid - Exploration, Land, Titles, DO, A&D, Minerals Consulting; NARO-TX

Don't miss out on this opportunity. Seating is limited. Register today!


A link to the seminar can be found on our NARO-TX web site also.


I appreciate you bringing this event to our attention, Mike. I will plan to make it to the seminar.

DJG: Great. For those who have not had the opportunity to attend one of Allen Gilmer’s seminars will miss out on the latest drilling/production information and trends that the industry has to offer. Lately, and for obvious reasons, they have been following the EF trend activity and many questions that I have seen posted on this Forum could be addressed. Many of us mineral property owners are ranchers, or were unless this drought comes to an end, may have attended the Beef Cattle Short Course at A&M and attended workshops on many topics of interest to ranchers. This should be a similar opportunity but devoted to oil and gas activity. I hope more folks in Fayette and surrounding Counties can take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the activities that are going on currently.

We attended this seminar and it was well worth the time we spent. Allen was very informative, Jim Erben was great in that he explained things in simple English, Wana Dee was informative but spent a lot of time telling stories of her many years of experience. There was a lot of information shared and questions answered. DrillingInfo had some computers set up at the end to explore areas for lease information.

If you have the opportunity to attend one in the future you will not be disappointed.

BTW, the typical BBQ lunch was very good as well.

Fayette Owner: Thanks for attending the Drilling Info seminar. There was a great deal of information presented on the EagleFord. I was very pleased with the turnout as the Recreation Center was packed with mineral owners from the area. I am curious to know if any others on this Forum were able to attend?

Thanks again, Mike, for bringing the seminar to my attention. I did make it down to Gonzales for the meeting.

DJG: Glad you were able to attend. I had already seen one presentation by Allen at our NARO TX Convention that was held in Austin in June. This was the type of seminar and workshop’s we have for our members every year, but 2 1/2 days of workshops, and it is well worth the expense for the educational value offered to mineral/royalty owners. Allen had added a lot of updated information from what he had in June.

Charles: I believe Allen Gilmer will have some future seminars. He is the CEO of DrillingInfo.com and you can access his web site. But the best thing to do for the mineral owner is to attend one of his seminars. He was very pleased at the turnout in Gonzales.

Charles Edward English said:

Gonzales and Fayette County royalty owner...learned of your seminar in the Gonzales County area on yesterday after chatting with Gonzales County AgriLife Extension. Would like to learn more about Eagle Ford Shale, Austin Chalk, and Pearsall Shale opportunities for Gonzales and Fayette Counties. Does websites, telephone numbers or email addresses exist for those participants, keynote speakers, and etc.? If you would like to handle this on a personal note and email the information...send information to (EDITED - Use the private messaging system for contact info). Appreciate, your communications on Gonzales County efforts and information.