Mineral rights

My mother had mineral rights in McClain County Section 32 Township 7 North range 3 West she least it a couple of times and we’ve had offers to sell I just had it put in my name from the County Recorders what else do I need to do

I need help with getting the mineral rights I already done the County Recorder is that all I need to do?

You might want to call the county register of deeds and ask them. If you own minerals and not the surface, you may need to file a statement of claim with the register of deeds so the surface owner can’t quiet claim the minerals after a set amount of time.

I am guessing that you are referring to McClain County Oklahoma.
I’m not sure what you mean by “just put into my name” If you mother passed away and did not have a trust or other probate avoidance device, then you will likely need to have a probate in order to obtain clear title to the property. An affidavit of heirship is not a bad thing but in Oklahoma it must be on file for 10 years without any contradictory filings in order to pass title. In general, a company may offer to lease from you and even pay a lease bonus, however, they will generally not pay royalties until a probate is completed.

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My name is Dana good my mom’s name was Dennis Ray Leach my grandfather was the one that bought the property and yes it’s in McClain County Oklahom they keep sending me letters wanting to buy it

Dana Good

I need all the help I can get I don’t know what to do I don’t know if I should hire him and turning cuz I don’t think it’s worth all that but it’s supposed to be 99 Acres of mineral rights but I don’t know cuz I looked at the map and it don’t show acreage it shows something weird

My mom has least it twice the coordinates are section 32 Township 7 North range 3w on top of that it says s/2 nw/4 I don’t know what all this means I dunno my grandfather’s name was Edward Leach Edward Lee Leach his father is the one that left it to the family and I think Edwards father’s name was Floyd Leach don’t quote me on that I’d have to ask my aunt

I’ve had offers and they say just send me the death certificate and they’ll handle it should I do it I feel like I can’t trust them


9283043925 Dana Good

ddgood01@hotmail.com and my home phone number is 9283043925 Dana Good I really need help

I’m going to sell to someone who ever makes me the best offer and I don’t have to go through a bunch of trouble there’s other family on the lease so they can’t take it from us it’s in shares

There are other people on the mineral rights it’s not just me but I do hold a share in it

My mom sister and brother and a couple people have mineral rights to it also I think there’s 99acres

Be careful selling. Prices are fairly high but wild…I just heard of two sales in Grady County - $28,000 pending sale, and $26,000 per net mineral acre. Most sales are in the $8000 - 12,000 range. Don’t sell it short.