Mineral rights

when i bought my property i got 1/2 of the mineral rights that the seller had on the lot i bought, he received money for royaltys on these lots, he told me that, but i never received any payment for my part, this has been several years ago and he has since died, how do i find out if i have money coming

Hi, Marvin -

You may have needed to inform the company that you had purchased 1/2 of the mineral rights all those years ago. If you didn't, then they might not know of your existence. They may have been paying the other guy 100% all these years.

What is the legal description of the property? I can at least look the Well(s) for you and let you know who to call.

Can you scan in and send me a copy of your Deed?

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

the property is, "harlen/hensley addition, southmayd, tx, grayson county lot

#5 6.475acres, to my knowledge there is no wells, im assuming he sold the mineral rights?