Mineral Rights

I just purchased 10 acres of land in Van Horn. How do I go about finding out if I have minerals on My land or at least to see if there are any? Has anyone heard as of yet if there may be potential drilling in Van Horn in the near future?

The first thing you need to do in order to get help and answers to your questions is to post the legal description, i.e., block, section, survey name, abstract number if you have that, and county. Linton

APN# 143932, Green Valley Acres #17 Tract 38 (10.00 Acres), per document # 30559, recorded in Vol 232, Page 349)

Aka 10 Acres in Jeff Davis County, Texas

Thanks Linton Tomlin

Also, at the top of this page, go to GROUPS, then find Texas, then find the Jeff Davis County group and join it and look around. That's another place you'll have to post questions. Probably not a lot going on there YET. I noticed Wade Caldwell posted a comment there. He's a lawyer that belongs to this forum and helps us all a good deal. Best of luck to you. Linton

"Probably not a lot going on there YET." Keyword YET! Linton I work in the Oil and Gas industry and the Delaware Basin and Permian Basin is on the verge of a BIG transformation! Thank You for the feedback! I really feel good about that area!

Keith, I was born in Pecos. Used to hang out in Van Horn. That area is very dear to me. I like that it's booming once again and I love to see all those folks prospering. If anyone had told me 15 years ago that all this would be going on, I would found it hard to believe. So I never say never. And I agree the keyword is YET. Your next step is to hang out at the RRC site and familiarize yourself with the GIS map. That's lots of fun! Linton

Hey Linton , I was born and raised in Pecos . Like you , I am glad to see all this going on .

Thanks Linton! Iam very excited! I know that there is work going on big time in Reeves and Iam hoping it trickles into Jeff Davis County HEAVY! I knew once Trump became President one thing was for sure OIL would be back!

Hi Cliff

Keith, we definitely dodged a bullet..... uh, grenade there!

We did? How so Linton? Iam not from the area so Iam learning the lay of the land. Please fill Me in. (How did We dodge a bullet?)


Well, you don't have to be from the area, just the good old USA. People frown on discussing politics on the forum unless you confine it to the forum on politics. I was just responding to your last post regarding Trump. Linton

Gotcha! Well Iam happy to be a part of the forum and a part of the Jeff Davis County community! I think there will be a lot of great things going on there! I wanted to be a part of it!