Mineral rights?

My parents have purchased some mineral rights years ago. The only information they have is a mineral deed, a receipt, and maps of the land. They have never received any more information of any kind. The person they bought this from has passed on so not much information there.

I am trying to see what they can do with these rights if anything. It is in the state of Wyoming.

Any information would be great.


What county and how many acres?

Goshen CO. 50 acres.

Tim Metz said:

What county and how many acres?

They have been leasing to drill in the Niobrara but it is far from Goshen county still and from what I’ve heard may not make it that far North. You might fair a little better if they are in the Southern part of the county. If you end up deciding to put them up for sale let me know and I’ll put in an bid.