Mineral rights

I have owned 20 acres in reeves Co. For over 12 yrs.now. e. 1/2

Lofton the NE 1/4 section 14 block 17. Whom would I contact too find out,if I do indeed own the mineral rights on my land. I have had offers for it....and how would I get a survey of it and have it staked,so can see where it begins and ends. Thank you William sweeney

William, accept my friend request and message me privately and I'll take a look, in Pecos right now. - Bobby

Sorry,that is the " E 1/2 of the NE 1/4 OF THE NE 1/4 section 14 ,block 17.thanks

William, I was going to send you a map of your property but I can't locate it with just "Section 14, Block 17". Do you have a more detailed legal description?

PSL Survey

I was only able to locate a Sec 14, Blk C17, PSL.

It has two Abstract Numbers assigned to it: A-1399 (1947) and A-5786 (1972), which indicates to me that it may have had it's first Patent rescinded and a new one issued. With the dates being 1947 and 1972, however, it may be Mineral Classified Lands or wholly owned by the State.

I'll check with the GLO. Let you know what they say.

There is a small Chesapeake Well that includes all of it except for 50 acres in the very NE/c that could possibly be described as the NE/4 NE/4.


Checked with the GLO. Both Abstracts are classified as Dry Grazing. A-1399 is the 50 acre tract.


Thank you for the response… it is E 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of the NE section 14 block 7

Well, we'll have to start over!

But we sure have Section 14, Block C17 figured out!

Th he block info is wrong. It’s block 7 NOT BLOCK 17… SORRY

No problem. Just more buttons to push.

The Section is classified as Dry Grazing, so no minerals were reserved by the State.

And there are two potentially Cool Beans Stacked Lateral Wells currently being drilled along the Western boundary line, which indicates to me that spacing in the area may allow for up to 14 additional Wells in the Trees Ranch 14 Unit.

But your name is not listed in the list of recent Oil and Gas Leases effecting the Section available through DrillingInfo, an online service I have access to. Hope that Bobby finds something in the Courthouse more to your favor!

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas


Would I still own the surface rights,if they wanted to put a well there???

Go to the County Clerk and Tax Assessor Appraiser offices and tell them where the property is located. They will be able to tell you who the mineral owner of record is. Check while you're at it that you indeed own the property surface. Lots of land scams out there now.

near Verhalen

Thank you!

I pay taxes on too Reeves county, so o hope I own it.lol

I know a guy who has been paying taxes on land in and around Toyah who just found out he's not the

property owner of record because the transfer of property ownership is severely screwed up in and around

Toyah. I hear there are other places in Reeves county that are similarly in ownership confusion....all due to

incompetence in the RCTAC office. YMMV.....your mileage my vary.

near Verhalen

So I go too tax office and county clerks office??

If you own the surface rights now, you would continue to own them if they wanted to put a Surface Location on your lands. They would negotiate a price for the use of your surface.

For whatever reason, people have been complaining about how messed up the Tax Rolls are in Reeves and other Counties in West Texas. Shear incompetence comes to mind.

The Tax Office MAY be able to show you who they have as owner(s) of your acreage. Hope that it is you.

But they won't know anything about who owns the mineral rights to your land. The County Clerk's Office won't either. They just maintain the records, they don't research them (liability and other reasons).

You either have to research the records yourself or hire a Landman to research the records. That's what I hope Bobby? is doing for you.

Thanks for everything