Mineral rights

I have inherited mineral rights in Roosevelt & Sheridan counties Montana. The lawyer that handled the probate seems to have nothing more to do with it, since the court has defined the heirs and her fee has been paid. How do I go about obtaining a deed or title for proof of ownership. I live in Washington.

Obtain a lawyer in your county in Mt. or at least in the state. I needed the exact thing done that you are describing and I live in AZ. I can give you the attorney's name if you need this. Good Luck.

You should contact the Court houses in each county and see what they require from you. I am surprised that your attorney did not advise you of how to obtain your deed of ownership. You might need to hire your attorney back, or another one to help you attain it. It sounds like you have some sort of documentation confirming you are one of the heirs after probate.

County court house information is listed on the internet.

Good Luck

I think the probate should have resulted in a mineral deed in your name unless the minerals are in a trust of which you are a beneficiary. In my opinion the lawyer who did your probate should tidy up for free because handling the assets of the estate and seeing them distributed according to the will or by law was the purpose of the probate and they did not finish, but you will probably have to pay someone anyway.

Yes, I agree with r w kennedy's feedback.

David, was your mom Dolly who was related to the Overlands?