Mineral Rights

For many years my mineral rights paid nothing, but In the last 6yrs it went from 0 to a significant figure. Can anyone tell me what is happening in Block 55 Tract 6 or more specifically Dixieland 6-1. I have heard that the Wolfcamp shale is also present in the Delaware Basin. Are they doing the horizontal drilling and fracturing in this area?

I have oil companies contacting me every month wanting to buy me out. The offers just keep getting higher. First offer was $5000 the last offer was $18,000

You're in an outstanding area. The Dixieland 6-1 well was a vertical well, but there is currently a rig (operated by Cimarex) on your exact section. They are drilling a horizontal well (the first of many over time, I'm certain), and so your cash flow is about to go up by a lot. If I were in your shoes, I would not sell. In this case, it will pay to wait a few months until production comes online.

That is the info i was looking for.

My current lease is with Cimarex energy.

I have read that the Wolfcamp shale is also present in the Delaware Basin. Could this be the level they are drilling down to?

Would you have a way of knowing if this new well has an API# yet.


I think it would have an API, but I haven't looked it up. Your area is prospective for Wolfcamp, and this is very likely what they are targeting.