Mineral Rights

My siblings and I all live in California and are heirs to property in Conecuh county. Does any one know if I have sold timber from my land to a sawmill company it is the same as having mineral rights to your land meaning I also have the right to lease my land for oil exploration.

Someone could execute a timber deed and sell their timber. This would be considered a part of the surface estate. No one would know whether or not you would have the right to lease your land for oil exploration unless it was determined that the minerals are still intact. Surface and minerals are generally considered to be two separate estates.

Thank you. I hired an Attirney to determine if I have mineral rights since all of my Aunts and Uncles are deceased. I don’t know what may have transpired there over the last fifty years.

That's a good idea. Maybe he can go do what's called a stand-up title opinion and give you the answers you need. Good luck.

Thank you. The Attorney said he will send me his findings by way of a letter.