Mineral rights

My parents trust included 2 oil leases and I am unable to find any information on them. The most current information is a 2008 a 1099-misc from Sunco Partners marketing & Terminals without any property information.

How can property and mineral rights be found with the following information?

I have locations

SE/4 of Section 27 Township 9N Range 9E County Hughes State Oklahoma

SE/4 of Section 27 Township 7N Range 9E County Hughes State Oklahoma

Thank You for your assistance.

Gary A. Taylor

http://www.occpermit.com/WellBrowse/Home.aspx will give you a list of wells.

Type in your location using the leading 09N 09E to get a list of wells. Look for the SE in the third column to the right for your quarter section. This will narrow it down to the SE4. Do it for both sections.

Sunoco is buying the products from the original owners. You should call Sunoco and ask them to help you trace it backwards.

Thank you for your help

I would call Sunco Partners marketing and terminals and asked them for the information. They will have it.