Mineral Rights Worth

I am new to this site. We have mineral rights in Martin Co. My mother is considering selling part or all. We need help deciding on worth so that she gets the best value.

Block 35,T-2-N, T & P RR Co Survey

Section 31: SE/4 and S/2NE/4

160 acres. Land is leased at 25%

She has been offered $650,000 with buyer paying the necessary property taxes associated with the mineral rights.

I believe it is worth more. Please advise! :)

Sue - if it is 160 net acres I bet you can get much better than that. $4,062.50 per nma is very low.

A relative just sold for $10,000 an acre for 80 acres.

I would also add you will be paying long term capital gains if you have had them for awhile. I’m not sure what other taxes they are talking about.

That is an active area with numerous horizontal oil wells permitted nearby. I'd recommend taking your time to learn more about what it is that she owns. You might consider reaching out to the forum sponsors to see what prices they've seen in that area. http://marketplace.mineralrightsforum.com/ad-category/minerals-mana...

I'd be reluctant to sell minerals in that section...

Thank you!! :)

Thank you Wolfcamp!! I will give them a call.

I own an undivided interest in the NE/4 Sect 42 Blk 36. Can anyone tell me what these might sell for per acre today?