Mineral rights - What do I own?

My dad leased his property to EOG between Campbellton & Mccoy Tx. and recently divided his mineral rights 20% to each child which there is 3 of us. My great grandfather who owned thousands of acres in the area had sold out and had left my grandfather 200 acres to divide between his two sons which is my dad and uncle now owning 126 acres a piece. My question is by hear say, that the land ( thousand of acres) that my great grandfather had owned but had sold and left 1/8 of the mineral rights to the Riley heirs, in which we have heard from different sources numerous times. How do you go about finding out if this information is correct?


I would advise you to start a the County Clerk's office in the county where these minerals are located. You can research the records to determine who owns what in this acreage. In the event that something was not properly filed with the County Clerk, I would advise seeking the assistence of an oil and gas attorney to sort through this and file the necessary paperwork.