Mineral rights website Scams and problems!

Greetings all,

The past week I’ve been trying to find websites to buy and invest into mineral rights and I have ran into a lot of websites that gave me problems and actually seem like scams and some that are CERTFIED by the SEC that they took investor money and never paid them back! One website was called “mineralfocus.com” they claim to have oil and gas joint ventures, assuming it was real I signed up and they never sent me my confirmation link to my account. I looked at the joint ventures they had to offer some were by infinity exploration I googled the company and read down the like and they have SEC filings on them, on which they raised 2 million from 40 investors I will post SEC link below. I do not TRUST mineralfocus or infinity what so ever!! Infinity SEC filing:


Then I had a problem with US Mineral Exchange I signed up and they sent a email asking describe stuff about me and my experience to allow me to further use their website. I had told them I’m a stock investor, I have been investing and trading for 3 years, and I’m trying to buy/invest into mineral rights, then they said I was inexperienced and I cant use their website. They went on and said I needed to know how to read economic data, “curves”, oil reservoir details, ect. They even misspelled a few words when there is autocorrect these days, which shows lack of professionalism makes me assume that they are a possible scam themselves, I even had told them that my family owns 10 acres of mineral rights in east Texas. I have had no positive experience on the web on trying to find mineral rights to buy/invest in, I apologize for the long post and wanted to share my experience with the community. I ask if you had gotten scammed or a bad experience with any website please share! Thanks, Colin