Mineral rights value

Received offer of $8,000 pma for 16 acres in section 23 Township 4 n range 5w. Am presently receiving royalties fair offerof in the range of 1300 dollars per month. Would this be a fair offer? Or does anyone know of more activity in the area


Using the numbers you have provided, I think the offer you received is extremely low. I would not sell if I were in your shoes.

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Thought the offer might be low, thanks for your input.

where is your property? in west Texas, that is a low offer.

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I sent a friend request. We have minerals in 22 4N 5W and I will tell you the offers to me and activity in the area.

Any idea about section 19? My husband has offer to sell but don’t really want to. Any idea of new drilling coming up?

Under no circumstance would I ever sell minerals. $1,300 may be low, hard to say. I sent you a friend request if you wanted to talk specifics.

I never recommend selling minerals EVER. period. Lease, sure, but only ever lease to an OPERATOR. There’s a lot of predatory landmen out that are flipping leases (already have a buyer lined up).

Never? Really? What if the person needs the money for other things like buying a house, putting a child through college, taking care of an illness, etc. Mineals are an asset and should be bought and sold like other assets. Period. Turning down a reasonable offer may be foolish. If the oil business drys up, like it has twice in my lifetime, you’ll wish you had sold all or a portion of your minerals before the offers dry up as well.

wht county are you in