Mineral Rights value in Belmont Co Ohio

I have mineral rights in Belmont Co Ohio. Gulfport has a drilling permit but has not drilled. Can anyone give me some idea what the value of mineral rights in the area

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What Township ? How many acres.? Do you have a lease ? If so, need to know % and if gross or net. Surface or non surface lease ? Provide more info and we can answer your request

There is 1112 acres leased by Gulfport.

It is in Wayne Township Belmont Co.

I think sect 17.

Gulfport has unitized two sections and have a drilling permit for one pad with 5 wells.

I own 4.35% of the mineral rights which I believe 18% of net.

I can confirm but I am away in Mexico.

Thanks for any help.

Will try to help, but need more specific info. Do you have a surface or non surface lease? Have you limited force majeure language and do you have a Pugh clause ? How many TOTAL acres do you have a 4.35% interest in? How many NET mineral acres are located within each pooled unit? Get this info for me and I’ll check out the well status. I when you return I can give your lease a quick look over for any other factors . Stay in touch.