Mineral rights valuations?


I am new to the group and curious as to where I can find out info about the current value of mineral rights. Any help is appreciated as we are reviewing an offer. We are located north of Toyah on CR 222. Survey location is Sec 12 Blk C-17.

Thank you!



I can help you out if you want to email me at wrm@mcarthurenergy.com.



How many Net Mineral Acres do you own?

"value" -- leasing rates or sale of mineral rights.

Total of the property is 640 acres.

Interested in what the lease rates are going for. Thank you!

We just signed lease in BLK C-18. I strongly recommend you use an Attorney to assist you with lease negotiations. We used highly recommended services of Wade Caldwell, info below:

Barton, East & Caldwell, P.L.L.C.

Attorneys at Law

One Riverwalk Place

700 North St. Mary’s Street, Suite 1825

San Antonio, TX 78205

Ph. 210-225-1655


We are also in C-18. What bonus rate did you get?


Typically, each section is 640 acres (which equals a square mile) although some sections dont follow this rule as they are oddly shaped. Most people don't own the full section to themselves and will own a certain amount of "net acres" inside the 640 section. Do you know how many net acres you own? Maybe you have signed a lease before and was told how many net acres you have when you were receiving your bonus payment?