Mineral rights under water - who owns - State or original owners

We own mineral rights in McKenzie County 5th PM, Township 153N, Ranger 98W, Section 12: E2 and Section 24:W2. I understand that ND Senate legislated that rights under water extend to high water mark of historical Missouri River. So both sections are under water, Section 12 apparently mostly under water (it was above water when grandfather farmed there). About how much of this section belongs to the State under the new legislation? I am looking at the ND oil maps and cannot tell - are there maps denoting high water mark of historical Missouri River? Oil company drilling there maintains that only 18 of 160 acres remain for original mineral rights owners. Would that be before the legislation or after - they have been calculating royalties based on that fraction since 2013 or so when they first started drilling.

Thanks for any insight here.

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