Mineral rights - Tulare County CA

Hi my name is Mike. This mineral rights thing is new to me. We have had the mineral rights ever since we sold the land 35 years ago. We were just recently given a couple of offers on these rights. 780 acres. Anyway these offers did not work for us. We had our attorney look the offers over and he said they were not good offers.

What I would like to do is find more interest in these minerals. The property is located in Tulare County. East of Delano. Slightly SW of a town called Alpaugh.

Township 24 South Range 23 East Secs. 4,5, 6,

How can I arouse some more interest?


I'm guessing that this property is located in California. If so, I would contact the California Dept. of Conservation and requests the names of operators drilling in this area. I am not familiar with the drilling activity in the area but it appears in 2009 there was only 73 active wells in this county which is very few compared to the size of this county. Again, I think the Cal. Dept. of Con. can provide some insight on the current drilling operators in the area. Further, I would contact several of these operators and advertise your minerals for lease offers.