Mineral Rights Sec 1-18N-13W, Need appraisal

Does anyone know what the minerals are selling for in this area? My sister and I inherited 80 acres, and curious of what they are worth.

Lots. Be very careful of offers and leasing might be better. I've seen numerous sales of $8000 a net acre or more. Heard one sold north of $30k per acre. But will vary with the location and geology

Call Mick at the Mineral Hub. I have bought stuff from him before and they run a pretty honest operation and market to a broad audience of buyers.

You may need an appraisal for estate purposes, consult your CPA or Tax Attorney before you do anything. Estates must be up to date or you run the risk of the IRS coming in for an audit

Is there current production in 1-18-13 ? If not, is it leased ?

Yes, an old lease with Chesapeake, 3/16s royalty. We have been advised by others that the property is ripe for killing the underlying lease.