Mineral Rights Search & Division Order

I have two questions. I need a mineral rights search. Are there people or companies that do this and what are they called? Do they go to the county recorder's ofc. and what info is available on those records.

Secondly, how does the Oil Co. figure the INT figure on the Division Order. Is there anyway of checking it ?

Thank you very much


In regards to your question about the mineral rights search, you can hire a landman, who specializes in this type of research or you can go to the County Clerk's office in the county where your minerals are located and do the research yourself. My preference would be to go the landman route as some of these County Clerks offices are packed with individuals doing this type of work and it could be a waiting game in order to get any type of assistence. Of course, you will want to find a landman in the area of your minerals so if you are located out of state, you might want to post this under the "Landman" section of this forum.

You did not say what state you are in, but landman is the best way to go. And certainly you can check the oil company once you know what interest you actually have.

Charles, & Nick Thank you very much for your good info. There are such knowledgeable people in this forum it certainly is a great help. I'm in the Williston Basin Area.