Mineral Rights Scam in TX

An elderly mineral owner in the Barnett receives a letter with a check that looks VERY similar to a check from the operator for payment of royalties, but the letter states that by cashing the check, she agrees to convey her mineral rights.

I understand that the payment in consideration for the mineral rights is a type of contract; However, I don't understand how they can claim to have title to mineral rights without a signed and notarized deed?

I have heard of this type of thing before, but never knew anyone it happened to. Any recourse other than getting an attorney?

Search, "Mineral Sales by Mail Covering Properties in the State of Texas" by Buddy Cotten. it may be helpful to you.

Thank you Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Williams. I have directed her to a good O&G attorney. I think this can be worked out.

I don't see how they could claim title from an endorsed check. Surely there was a Deed of some sort included in the packet.