Mineral Rights Sale

New to this site. Looking for info/guidance on selling small parcel of Gaines Co rights… 7.226 acres Block 25, of the Lovelace Subdivision of League 291, Lynn CSL Survey, Abstract 966 Rights currently leased, about 1 year left on lease, no talk of renewal yet. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I found a huge difference in prices online. There are a few sites that list mineral rights… That being said, being in a lease…I don’t see how that can help you as the bonus has been paid out…unless of course there’s tons of drilling in your area. ( I am no help in area as the maps I’ve been given don’t even show my family’s acreage in gaines or dawson)

If wanting to look up websites that list NMA I suggest just doing a search…there were two that consistently came up