Mineral Rights royalties

My father in law passed away and we are trying to sort out his mineral rights. It looks like he had 3 different parcels. I can found paperwork about Dolar Energy from about 10 years ago but haven’t been able to find a contact phone # for them. I am hoping someone can tell me how you find out who pays the royalties and if any one has a contact # for Dolar Energy. This is all very confusing to me so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the group, you will find lots of great information here. The Dolar paperwork would be very helpful in tracking down the minerals. You didn’t mention the state where the minerals are located. Title requirements and probate laws vary greatly between states. Generally speaking you will need to file a probate in most states while others allow for an “affidavit of heirship”.

Once that is completed you can contact the companies that are producing and provide them a W-9 (tax id). States like Texas require division orders which confirms your ownership interest. Other states like Oklahoma do not require division orders.

You should look at his income tax returns for the past 3 or so years and the supporting documents to see if he was reporting any income from mineral interests. You may find some useful information in his tax files.

Another thing you might consider is actually visiting the parcels. in Texas, operators are required to post a sign at the entrance to the well site that gives the name of the operator, the name of the well and the Railroad Commission lease ID number. You can then go to the Railroad Commission website and look up the contact information for the operator and the production information for that well.

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I appreciate the responses. The state is Utah. The area is Duchesne. I have not been able to find any paperwork at my father-in-laws house the only information I have gotten has came from Duchesne county. They sent over the parcel numbers and a lease agreement from 2005 with Dolar for one of the parcels. Prior to my FIL death he mentioned he was receiving quarterly checks from more than one company but our conversation did not go into detain and his death was unexpected. Thank you for your help.

Sara: You might try the Utah Oil & Gas Division of the Utah Department of Natural Resources. Here’s a link to their website: State of Utah - Oil and Gas Program - Home Page

It looks like they are going to have the same kind of information is the Texas Railroad Commission and may help you locate operators who are producing these mineral interests.

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I searched for Dolar Energy and found this:

contact us at: mark@dolarenergy.com or by phone at: 850-530-2290


1333 College Parkway, #172 Gulf Breeze, FL 32563 (801) 502-5085

I have no idea if these are old, inactive, or ???

Good luck!

Please keep us posted on your progress as we all benefit from more information! John

The Duchesne County Recorder has an online search portal available. Costs something like $40.00 to get started. You can do a parcel search and a grantor/grantee search to look for past deeds, oil & gas leases and other documents of record where your father-in-law’s name appears. The link to Duchesne County is: www.utah.gov. The link to the Recorder’s webpage is: Online Subscriptions

Thank you for this information.

Update- I was able to contact Dolar Energy. They are no longer operating my father in laws wells. They were very kind and helpful and looked up who was the new operators. They found that Finley Resources is operating. However to find out any information from Finley I need an owner ID# which of course I do not have, so I am back to square one trying to figure this all out. I have contacted Duchesne county to see if lease agreements are recorded there and I have emailed Finley to see if they can help me figure out how to find owner id#. Thanks to all that have replied