Mineral rights Ritchie county

MY Aunte was added to my parents mineral lease 22 years ago in a sneaky way. she has no land ownership does the ownership revert back to the land owner after this much time? THIS LAND HAS HAD NO DEVELOPMENT OIL/GAS BUT TALKING ABOUT IT. My buddy says it reverts to landowner after 10 years?

Depends upon whether your state has a dormant minerals law. Do you mean she was added to the deed or to a lease? Leases are usually only for three-five years. They expire if there is no drilling.

West Virginia has no dormant mineral act which would cause the minerals to revert to the surface owners. Now, there are a couple of exceptions, such as if the interest was leased by a Special commissioner or the mineral deed provided for a term interest. Both are relatively rare. (Don’t take legal advice from your buddy.)

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