Mineral rights questions for Washington County,Nottingham township PA

We own the mineral rights in Mingo Park PA. a little over 10 acres . Area has been tied up with a lease we took from rice 5 years ago. Rice didn’t drill and didn’t pick up the three year extension in feb. of 2019. Now we are left with picture this, 10 acres of mineral rights in the middle of at least 3 drilling operations. On the right side of us 33 wells 3/4 a mile away, to the left 22 wells and at least 16 wells below us. Read about the 33 well pad operation it can slurp up gas the size of Pittsburgh. 4 miles in every direction .A lands man stoped by a month ago with an offer of 1500.00 an acre and 18% royalties. Took to lawyer and said lease was so so and we could get more up front money because gas rich ground at Mingo Park , Nottingham Township,Washington County,PA. Guess it’s a waiting game now.

Make sure it is 18% with ZERO deductions.

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