Mineral rights Question

I just received ownership of mineral rights from an estate which was closed in 2004. I was the trustee and executor of the estate. The mineral rights were not in the the Trust at that time . The company I am dealing with has told me that a check will send shortly for about $ 2500.00. How best can I found out what the production was from 2004-July of 2015 . I think there were 2 working wells.

What state?

New Mexico

New Mexico State group

This is the link to that state group. I expect people there might be able to help.

New Mexico's Oil Conservation Division should have production records:


This site might be easier to navigate. It's one of their unversities':


If neither of those have what you are looking for, I believe the State of New Mexico taxes oil and gas production, so their State Comptroller's Office should be able to help you.

Hope this helps

Charles Emery Tooke III

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Fort Worth, Texas