Mineral Rights Question on Language of Percentage

My family recently inherited mineral rights that our grandfather purchased in 1953 in Dimmit County, Texas. None of us have any prior experience in oil and gas matters, but are wanting to verify that the producer is paying us the correct amount. In the Royalty Deed to my grandfather, the conveyance states “an undivided 1 1/128th interest.” This “1 1/128th” language appears several times throughout the conveyance. My question is whether this language (with the extra 1 before the 1/128th) means anything other than 1/128th? The producer has been paying our parents based on 1/128th for several years, but none of the children had ever taken the time to actually look at the conveyance document prior to their deaths.

Thanks for any help that anyone can offer on this matter!

To me, it is nothing more than semantics and payment is correct. Your grandfather received one 1/128, not five 1/128ths. Just a different way of stating something.

That’s what we were thinking. Thanks for the answer. We just know nothing about oil and gas royalties. We are sad that our grandfather never got to see any of that money, but we know he would be happy that his grandkids are getting a pretty good check every month. :slight_smile:

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