Mineral rights possibly taken?

I have mineral rights in Richland Mt in 2005 I was approached with a lease offer from a landman based out of Minot ND I was offered 320.00 an acre for twn 22 north range 59 east section 27 W!1/2 of 320 acres more or less now my question is i only recieved a overnight check in the amount i believe as 2500 my sister and mother also own minerals in the area they not only recieved their cks but also were awarded royalties and such until they both decided to sell my question is I thought I had sold these specific acres but i never recieved any royalties as my mom and sister were for app 8 mths till they sold was the oil company unable to find me? good poss am i entitled to any back I would think so please any and all help thank you Theresa Hennen

I apologize my mineral acres 5.85185 thank you. Theresa Hennen

Check your states unclaimed property fund under your name. You may have money there. In fact that may be why you were approached to sell your minerals is someone found that you had money there and bought your minerals and your account without disclosing the existence of the account.

If the unclaimed property fund there reports no money for you ask if they can search to see if there was ever any money there for you. Who did you sell to?