Mineral rights ownership

My father gave me information just before he died and asked me to keep looking into this? The paper he gave me states: We have mineral rights to 80 acres of land 16 miles SE of Breckridge Texas. Work family holds mineral rights to this land. Well was drilled in 1924 and again in 1982 by Ridge Oil Company. My grandfather talked about this all the time as well but stated he didn’t know how to look into it so my father took it on. This is all the information my father gave me just before his death. What should or can I do with this information? Thank you all, Tammera

Tammera, sounds as though you need an experienced landman to search this information for you. I suggest you get in touch with Charles E. Tooke/Certified Professional Landman/Ft. Worth, Texas. He has the exerience and resources to find out about your situation. TheState or oil company may be holding monies in suspense for you or relatives.

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https://www.mineralrightsforum.com/page/mineral-services-directory/1/ There are a couple of Texas attorneys listed in the directory, worth a call.