Mineral Rights Ownership

I have mineral rights in Woods county Ok. that I already receive payments on and the company is requesting additional ownership paperwork. My question is that what I receive now is from an 1H well and the paperwork that they’re wanting is the same township, section and range but is a 2 H well before they will make the past payments available to me. I’m fairly new to this and it was inheritance from my mother and I’m a little confused on the request and payments owed. Any insight into this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Nancy M.

The operator may have discovered a problem with your distribution (Division Order) from the first well (1H) and now wants to correct the payment on future wells. Ask the operator for a copy of the 1H Division Order Title Opinion that pertains to your interest then compare it to the request received for the 2H well. The two should both jibe with your inheritance documents. (Not the lease or fore pooling amounts) If you have a large decimal interest in IH, it may be worthwhile to get some professional title help before responding to the recent request.

Gary L Hutchinson

Thank you so much. It sounds like a good starting point. Considering this is from almost 30 yrs. ago I will be curious to see what I run across in my files. Things like this pop up about every 5 yrs. and my father was a landman.

Again, thank you.