Mineral Rights Ownership Question

My wife has papers showing ownership of mineral rights to certain properties in Hockley, Montague, Hood and Eastland counties, Texas. These papers date back in some cases to more than 50 years ago and we would like to know how to go about determining if they are still in her legal ownership, and if so, if they have any current value. Any advice would be appreciated.

What kind of "Papers" do you have? I, along with others in this forum, can help you get started in tracing.

Regarding Hockley County there is a 1962 Transfer Order for Farm Unit #13021 RWT/rah Townsite Unit #7 - NE4 of Labour 14, League 28, Hood CSL. Tract 94 of Levelland Unit, Hockley County, Texas.

It apparently deeds 1/4 of .6107/40.7278 of 1/8 RI to my wife who was a minor at the time.

There are similar papers from Hood, Montague and Eastland Counties. We would like to find out if they are worth anything. Thanks.

107-TexasMinerals3copy.pdf (1.22 MB)

Unfortunately no responses. Perhaps someone could put me in touch with a land agent who might be interested in looking into this. The papers we have date back to 1962 and since that time my wife's name has changed and she has moved several times. I would assume any deeds with her maiden name would need to be updated, if in fact the mineral rights are still legally hers.

These are hers unless she sold them and would've had to sign a Mineral Deed to transfer to someone else.

Found one of my great grandfathers Mineral Deeds from 1922 in Carson County Texas in the mid 1990's and all was fine.

My concern is that if anyone is interested in buying or leasing the mineral rights they would have no clue as to how to contact her since she has moved several times over the past 50 years and her name has changed. Are you able to advise me how to go about:

1. Confirming the mineral rights are still legally in her possession; and

2. How to determine if they have any value that anyone might be interested in.

I very much appreciate your response. Thank you.

1st: the confirming is easy, they look in a book that is a list of names...and they look at every person, since that date to see if she got rid of them. Looking at all the names will let you know if she kept them.

2nd. this is Hockley County, more than possible they could be very valuable. One of the most important oil field in the states runs up to and around Levelland. I'm not getting into the shale debate 'Rock Man' :) Me growing up in Levelland and buying mineral__asked quite often if I know where some can be bought. Something big is going on up there, OXY is doing alot stuff along with other prodicers in zones they thought were depleted with this knew technology. I thought OXY would slow down after the big buy out and infrastructure in Seminole, but seems to be jus the opposite they are going stronger than ever in Hockley County. There are some fairly standard prices for acreage she is located, nobody is going to lowball you because others are their to pay a fair price. They are doing some stuff like a few have in Seminole, they are finding a lot of oil where it had never been touched because most thought it was no good.

3rd.. locating is going to be the tough part but you can hire that done, its amazing how fast they can track people down. ie. we were looking for a lady that owned minerals in Gaines, thought she lived around there. I hire a girl to find her. The lady turned out to be i a hippie living in Oregon with no telephone not much any technology wise. What pleased her the most in getting money for her Minerals was her being able to buy a new water heater for the house and a nicer bath tub. I have often wondered for twenty years how that girl found her

But I think she pulled it off by writing letters back & forth with this lady vs talking on the phone..they had time to find common ground of interest to talk about..

one more question Doug...how long did she live in Levelland and if you comfortable in saying so..what was her name while living there.

My life lived in Levelland from 1957 to 1962. Is there any way to message you personally with her name?


I might know somebody that knows something

I have a general question regarding the CAD value listed on the county’s accessors website. Is this equal to the market value of the property?