Mineral rights ownership in Question by forged Notary paperwork in Pecos County


I am an investigative Journalist. I have heard of 3 cases involving sale of land but not mineral rights in Pecos County that have now come up as having been notarized but the signature is not the party that sold the land. What recourse do the owners of the mineral rights have against the current land owner that forged the document stating they gave up mineral rights.

I have emailed the Clerk of Courts and will be requesting documentation. I have to get the legal address of the land but the sale date was 2005. Has any other Mineral Rights owner had the same issue in Pecos County Texas?

I live in ND but work in Eastern MT and have landmen in and out from Texas all the time.

It concerns me that a person could forge your name and get payments from the oil companies.

How can I notify the landmen and the oil companies of the situation.




yes we have now done more investigation and will be hiring a lawyer to handle the issue.

Hey Ellen,

Have you heard anything lately about this? I am an absentee owner and have never seen my land in Pecos. I undertand there is significant drilling going on in the area and am concerned I am not seeing the compensation I am owed because I'm not there to prove they are on my land. Is there anyone you know of that lives in the area that can drive by and check on my property and look into what may or may not have been done in the area? The 3 attorneys I've contacted aren't familiar with this area and I keep getting deferred to others...I need a lawyer from Pecos who is familiar with the rights of land owners...

Thanks, Ryan

Jack do you have land in the area? I am needing representation. I believe I've been taken advantage of and I bet I'm not alone.


Jack Deaton said:


The land man would be the person to Talk too.Delbert Hodges.

The paper work on the forgery has been sent to the authorities.

I am a Registered Professional Landman in Midland, Texas and I am familiar with Pecos County. Send me a message if I can be of any assistance.