Mineral rights on the Beck Lease in Love County, Oklahoma

I am writing in regards to mineral rights that are in my deceased fathers name,

Phillip M. Lang.

At one time he was recieving a monthly royality check the last stub i have come

across is dated 03/20/98, although I am sure he has since received more since

that date. I dont really know how or what I need to do in order to take his name

off as he has died in 12/2002. So that I may begin to recieve the royality checks,

as I am his daughter, Elizabeth Diane Lang, and at one time I was receiving the

checks in his name and me in c/o. would appreicate any assitance in advising

me in what I need to do in this matter.


I show that the last production on that lease was in Mar of 1999

I don’t see any listings in your names in the State Unclaimed Property fund or the OCC Mineral Owners Escrow account.

It appears that lease covered some of sections 17 and 18 in 6S-2E. There are couple leases producing on those sections. The Brown and the Sanders. There was a well permitted last month on section 18 on the Hickory lease. It is a 40 acre spacing covering the E/2 of the SE/4. He is listed on the pooling order 598612
“Unknown heirs, devisees and assigns of
the Estate of Phillip Monroe Lang,
c/o Greg Lang
516 Doucette Street
Pampa, TX 79065

Here is a link to the order


I guess some of the questions would be:

What state was he a resident of when he passed?
Who are the other Heirs with a claim to the estate?
Was the estate probated?
Do you have the legal description of the property?
Do you have a copy of the original deed and/or know when it transfered and/or who it was transfered from?