Mineral Rights on deed

I own 16 acres in Ward county but I do not see any Mineral Rights description on the Warranty Deed. How do I know for sure I have or have no Mineral rights on the property? If I do not have any mineral rights, how could sell the land? I got people interested in buying it now but they do not think (and are not sure) I own the underground rights.

Thanks in advance for any help. cheers, Gabe

Generally, you have to search back through the title deeds to determine whether all or a portion of the minerals were severed from the surface. If you post the legal description, particularly the section and block, then someone may have more direct information about your acreage. You can also look to see if there are producing wells on your section and then contact the operator who should have title information.

hi Tennis,

thank you for the prompt reply. ITM did the 3D seismic survey couple months ago on my property. I assume nothing has been explored in that area in the past (so no production wells).

Here is the legal description of one of the lots: NE/4, section 11, Block 33, H&TC Rwy. Co. Survey, Ward County, TX, Lot 26, 5.1 acres

thanks kindly, Gabe

I have read both of your recent Forum questions and have responded to one. With all the feedback you have gotten, it appears that you may have completed O&G 101. But, in case you need further O&G assistance, it may behoove you to hire a Mineral Manager to help protect your interests.

Good luck,


Yes indeed Pat. I have learned a lot from the O&G gurus and I am grateful for this forum. Thank you very much for your time and for sharing so much knowledge.