Mineral RIghts Offers Wise County, Texas

We have recieved an offer on 200 acres just North of Decatur from a major gas company. 3/16 RI and $350 acre. ANyone have any recent info for this area and going rates?? Thanks.

If you still need the information, I can call a couple of people I know who have worked in that area. Let me know if you still need an answer. 817-449-8079

You can probably do better. My family did.

Hello there S.A. Stevens,

I was wondering if you every finalized the deal regarding your 200 acres north of Decatur? My family has approx the same amount of land in Wise County and has also been approached but at a significantly lower amount. Could you tell me what company you went with and how much the eventually paid? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Leigh