Mineral Rights Offer in Brazos County

I have a company offering to buy my mineral rights in Brazos County. This is the only information I currently have - Thomas S. Haynes League A-19 in Brazos County that was deeded to my grandfather in 1943. Can anyone shed some light as to what might be going on in that area or what a price per acre might be going for? Is there currently interest or activity in the Brazos County area?


Ned, attached a screen shot of the RRC map for A-19 Brazos County. Three new wells just permitted in Nov. 2021. https://gis.rrc.texas.gov/gisviewer/

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Who made the offer and what was it? Can provide insight with a little more information.

Thanks for the info on Hawkwoods new permits!, I haven’t checked in a while! I expect more aggressive drilling activity since the Wildfire takeover! We are in the 8th year of leasing to (Crimson)Hawkwood, our royalties touch the bottom right of your A-19 map, FYI: 3rd three year bonus was $450 ac.

Michael Mann of R.A.M. Royalty, Inc. in Houston, TX. The offer was $2,000 per acre. Thank you for responding.

Replied to your question a while back and have not heard back from you. The area is Thomas S. Haynes League, A-19 and consists of 53 acres. My share is 6.15 acres and the offer is for $2,000 per net mineral acre.

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