Mineral Rights not being paid

Hello. I am up in the Midwest and have a few questions about Mineral Rights in Angelina County Texas. I along with others (my brother and sister) have had mineral rights on some property in Angelina County since 2008. However just recently I was able to find my property online and saw that there are two oil pipelines and 4 Natural Gas Wells or I think think they were called “Gathering Wells” if that makes a difference (actually I believe the wells are propane) are on the property. I have know idea how long the wells have been there or even if they are still active. Anyway, I have three questions:

Does it seem with the very little information provided that I and others should be receiving Royalties from the property IF the wells are still active or have been active in the last 12 years when I first became a Mineral Rights Owner? Who would I hire to help me “remind” or otherwise let the people using the property know that I exist? Would I hire a Landman or Lawyer or somebody else?

The final question is how do I find out who else besides myself is also a Mineral Rights owner? The only site I have found that is remotely helpful is “Texas File” and they did not answer the question. Is there a website or government agency or a private company that I could contact to get a list of the Mineral Rights owners?

I know there are others because the property has been “handed down” since around 1912 or so. If a person could answer one or all the questions it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if could list a Landman or Lawyer that I might contact that would also be Very Helpful. Thanks for any help. Eric S. Many Miles Away.

Also (again) are there any questions that I should be asking that I have not mentioned? E.S.

You might get some help if you will give the ‘’‘exact location’’’ of your minerals in Angelina County…Section, Block and/or Abstract number…

Hi, Clint. The name of the Area is the Thomas Quevedo Survey A-39. I had listed the exact name before but only got one reply which while helpful did not give the information that I had wanted. Mostly of which is who else is a Mineral Right Owner and should I be receiving Mineral Rights for 4 Propane Wells (“Gathering” Wells) that have been on the property since at least 2008. Thanks, Eric S.

It would be helpful for an explanation of what you mean by Propane wells / Gathering wells. Propane is a by-product from the processing of natural gas in a gas processing plant or crude oil refining. Do you have a name of the wells and/or the operator? Could this be underground storage of propane in a salt cavern? If so, then it is my understanding that this would entail rental payments to surface owners. Minerals receive royalties for production from oil and gas wells, including the liquid products derived during processing, including propane, butane, ethane, iso-propane and gasoline.

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The main site with the information is: https://www.gis.rrc.texas.gov/GISViewer/

Then click on Angelina County on the top of page and click “Wells” on the left side of the page

In the Middle/Top of page Click on Survey Search and Type in Quevedo in the Survey Name. Then click Query on the bottom left. The A-39 Quevedo Survey will be Highlighted. Then click on LPG/CDN/LNG at the left side of the page. It will show 5 Wells but does not give any more of a description than that. Also, there are Natural Gas Gathering sites on the Quevedo Sight but I do not know more than that. I hope this helps you help me. Thanks, Eric.

Eric after further investigation I find that 4 or these locations are companies that install propane tanks for commercial and residential customers. The other location is a propane cylinder filling/service station.

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