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I need help to find the " legal paperwork", for my great grandma land in oklahoma. She was receiving royalties before she passed. And then after that it’s been a huge obstacle, she had a lot of land) money in that land, and it’s been a big cover up… and I’m trying to finally get this puzzle solved … I need help, direction, …

Hi Summer, many counties in Oklahoma have records accessible on OKCountyRecords. Some counties have their own access sites. County courthouses are usually the place to look to solve the legal paperwork searches.

Welcome to the forum! As Pete said, www.okcountyrecords.com is a good place to start depending upon the counties where the royalties are. If you know the location of the royalties, then you can post specific questions in the state and county about the location(s). Always put the section, township and range in the topic title.

The digital records only go back a few decades, so you may not find what you are looking for online, but it is a good place to start. Depending upon when your GGMa passed (and condolences), the well(s) may not be producing anymore.

Here are some useful websites for your search.
Pending OCC cases at the following link: http://www.occeweb.com/caseprocessingonline/default.aspx

Actual cases if you have the case numbers: http://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OAP.aspx

Docket proceedings: http://www.occeweb.com/ap/docket_results.html

Well activity: http://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OGWellRecords.aspx

Production: Gross Production

Also check your mother’s name in Oklahoma unclaimed property. If she lived in another state then check that state’s unclaimed property.

Thank you all … This has been a huge thing in the family over all these years. My dad and his siblings have court papers stating that my great grandma had her mineral rights in oklahoma, yrs yrs ago. Way back then is said value over $250,000.00 . She had a few bank accounts in oklahoma which is where her royalties went in those bank accounts. After she passed her living kids went to the banks, and they all acted as if they never heard of her. Told them they needed a lawyer . The family had 3 lawyer, one has passed away, another was threatened not to take pursue or handle the case, so he got scared and didn’t. The last guy, was greedy said he’d do it but he wanted it split 50\50 … People in oklahoma are covering up what they have done, and fraud, there was even a news channel did an interview with our family about, and people in oklahoma refused to even speak upon it.

I would suggest that you also check the OK state treasurer’s office for unclaimed funds under her name or her husband’s name. Go back to the news channel and look up the story and see if you can get names from it. If the rights were held a long time ago, then the wells may no longer be producing or there might be new ones. You may have to get a landman involved to try and track the title to the rights. They are very experienced at tracing title in the county courthouses. The mineral rights still exist, just finding out who has them and when they passed from hand to hand is important to know. The Directories tab above has professionals who can help. In order for the next generations to get things cleared up and title properly in place, there may need to be some probates (will) or intestate (no will) legal work done. Did you do a preliminary search on okcountyrecords.com? Those digital records go back to about 1991 depending upon the county. Older records are in book form and are at the county courthouses.

Summer, for the potential amount of money involved here you might want to hire a professional Landman or mineral manger to assist you with direction. A Landman could run the chain of title on this ownership and that could be very helpful.

Finding good attorneys in an area you are not familiar with can also be a struggle. Professional mineral managers can either help clear title or find an ethical attorney to assist you.


Thank you everyone…

Jack: thru the years there was (3). Somewhat of attorneys. The 1st man was working on everything… then passed away. I know 1987 he had an abstract title done. (2) guy… started with the case then he could no longer continue to work on it. ( He was being threatened / by several different people. At same time being brieved to not work on it… either way he backed out… (3).guy said (*YES DEFINITELY IS A CASE…AND THAT ALOT !!!OF $$$ IS INVOLVED.)! BUT he was greedy and wanted , Half… 50/50… so that went that.

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