Mineral Rights Map

My wife and I acquired 160 acres of non shared mineral rights and don’t live very close to the land. I am always worried about wells being drilled without us knowing since we don’t own the surface too. Is there a map where I can go to see if there has been any new wells drilled? Our land is in Garfield County Oklahoma. Thank you for any help.

Here is an image that shows wells that have reported production in the last 6 months and active permits to drill new wells in Garfield County OK

Further, if you’d like to provide the Section Township and Range, more detail is available on those two data points.

36-T22N-R3WIM This is in Garfield County Oklahoma. Thanks

You can also watch for wells on the OCC wellrecords site. Test Remember that horizontal wells may have a surface location in a nearby section.

You can also watch for any OCC cases that pertain to your section. Wells must be pre-approved before drilling. Case Processing Online

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