Mineral rights location

We are inheriting mineral rights. I am researching to learn about them. So far we have this as a location: Northeast quarter NE/4, section 18, township 15, range 6, W.I.M Kingfisher County OK. My grandad grew up there and we are itching to visit. We have never been to OK. Can any one help with the info on the area I listed? Thank you.

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Your location needs a slight adjustment and I have a clarification. Is it the NE4 NE4 or did they have that second NE4 in parentheses? Very important to know. Add an “N” to the 15 and add a “W” to the 6. It is either NE4 NE4 18-15N-6W or it is NE4 18-15N-6W.

You may have production from the Blaise 1H-18X well. Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent is the operator. Once you have your probate documents, you need to contact them to get put into pay status. You also need to file the probate documents in Kingsfisher County. If your granddad lived in another state, the probate needs to be filed in his county and state and then a foreign probate needs to be filed for OK.

Here is a map of Kingfisher County so you can find the location. Kingfisher County Map.pdf (418.1 KB)


Hopefully, your granddad kept good records. Get a copy of everything he has. Especially pay stubs from the well as you will need his owner number.

Come back as you have questions.

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It’s NE4 once. Thank you🤗

Wide open spaces in Kingfisher

Hi! How would I find the location based on the info I gave? It’s more sentimental interest unlikely there’s much $ there. Thank you for the replies! Julie

If you open the map, you will see that it has township and range numbers along the edges. Township numbers go north and south, range numbers are east and west. So sort of like a Key Map if you have every used one (or bingo). Use your description and then find the township, then find your section.

Here is an article about how it all works. S-T-R Legal Land Descriptions in OK_Kletke-1.pdf (59.7 KB)

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In your last response you mentioned the NE4 being once or twice made a difference. Is the location you mentioned for the NE4 once? If I’m asking for too much info please advise. I don’t know how this forum works. Just looking for help:)

If your description says NE4 once, then it narrows it down to the NE quarter which is 160 acres gross of which you own some part of that. It you have the NE4 NE4, then that means it is narrowed down to the Northeast quarter of the northeast quarter and that is 40 acres of which you own some part. Usually the description will say something like a 1/4th interest in the … As each generation passes on their rights, they usually get smaller and smaller in acres due to the increased number of family members compared to the one individual that owned it a long time ago.

Keep asking questions! That is how you learn!

Thank you! It is NE4 18-15N-6W.

You have some old expired wells, but the only new well is the Blaise 1-18X

Actually, Kingfisher County is a very hot area for oil and gas and has been for awhile now. Depending on how many mineral acres you own, you may be pleasantly surprised as how much potential is there.

Here’s a GPS location to a spot in the NE corner of your quarter section. From that corner the land runs 1/2 mile west then 1/2 mile south, then 1/2 mile east then 1/2 mile north, making a 1/2 mile square property. 35°47’00.1"N 97°52’14.5"W . This is a link to Google Maps. If you are on satellite view you can see what the surface looks like. https://www.google.com/maps/place/35°47’00.1"N+97°52’14.5"W/@35.7805311,-97.8762428,1081m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m14!1m7!3m6!1s0x0:0x0!2zMzXCsDQ3JzA0LjgiTiA5N8KwNTInMjAuNSJX!3b1!8m2!3d35.7846716!4d-97.8723464!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d35.783358!4d-97.8706851 . Ignore the photo of a sign for a well in a completely different location. Don’t know why it’s there.
Hope you have some idea where the homesite was as I don’t see any evidence of one now.