Mineral rights lease Laramie County WY

I own mineral rights on 320 acres in Laramie County Wyoming - Township 19 North, Range 65 West, 6th P.M. sections 8: SENE, E2SE,9: N2SW, SESW, SWNW,and 17: NENE. I’ve been offered a 5 year paid up oil and gas lease at $30 per acre with right to renew and 12.5% royalty rate. Can anyone tell me if this is a competitive rate?

Need to know the west number before someone can give you a better answer. 19N ?W

I moved your question over to the Laramie County WY topic where it might get more traffic. Add in the rest of the legal with the Range number.

Thank you for your help!

The location is 19North, Range 65 West, 6th P.M.

Section 8: SENE, E2SE

Section 9: N2SW, SESW, SWNW

Section17: NENE