Mineral Rights Lease in Moffat County

I just wanted to check in and say hello. My family was approached for a lease and will likely be signing one with Quicksilver soon (3 years + 2yr option, 1/6 of 367 acres in T6N R90W S21,22,27&28). Just learning about the minerals and trying to educate myself. Wondering if we need to get a lawyer. Any advice is appreciated.

Hey Tami, no one seems to have responded to you, but YES get a lawyer. It is well worth the sound mind of having a laywer look over what you have been offered. There are lots of fine print wording in a lease that could trap you. We hired a lawyer to look at our lease and he caught a few things that would have had us in a bind.

Thank you. Too late now as we signed the lease with Quicksilver, but I may be able to get out of it since two of the other heirs didn’t sign it yet and I believe it is a collective ownership for the 4 of us. I haven’t received the bonus money yet either.

Tami, We are in a similar position. See my post to this Group a few minutes ago. Tom

Hey Tom, I can’t see your other post for some reason. Where is it at?

Hey again Tami - if your rights are collective they will need all 4 before proceeding which can buy you time. If one of the other heirs gets a lawyer to look at your lease you should be able to re-negotiate if you need to.

thank you!